Brazil Minas Gerais

Brazil Minas Gerais

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Tasting Notes: Fudge, Creamy, Almond, Sweet

Process: Natural

Origin Location: Minas Gerais

Farm: Fazenda Gauriroba

Elevation: 1150 meters 

Variety: Yellow Catuai

For Homero Aguiar Paiva, proprietor at Fazenda Guariroba, growing coffee is practically genetic. Located in Brazil’s southeastern region of Minas Gerais, the 200 hectares (roughly 500 acres) that Guariroba Farm covers has fostered coffee plants since 1840, the decade that marked the first boom in Brazil’s coffee market. Following the paths of his father and uncle, who were both born on the farm and made careers in the family coffee growing business, Paiva purchased the land for Guariroba Farm from his uncle’s neighboring Cachoeira Farm in 2009. Paiva has been continuing to grow the family name since, notably winning first in the Naturals category at the 2016 Cup of Excellence. Still closely tied with Cachoeira, today the two farms are working together to protect and preserve their local water sources and maintain sustainable farming practices through post-harvest projects like planting native trees around the arable land.


We’re excited to share this Brazilian coffee from Guariroba Farm with you- grown at 1,150 meters this Yellow Catucaí variety is a subclass of Arabica coffee, and has a reputation for brewing a high quality cup. Following the stringent process for naturally drying the fresh coffee cherries lado a lado (“side by side”), the final product is characterized by a full bodied cup, rich with notes of toffee, chocolate and almond/ amaretto.

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