Papua New Guinea Namugo

Papua New Guinea Namugo

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Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar, Dried Fruit, Thick 

Process: Washed

Origin: Papa New Guinea

Region: Lufa and Okapa districts, Eastern Highlands

Farm: Namugo Mill

Elevation: 1400-2000 masl

Namugo, the name in the Okapa dialect for the rainforest region of the Eastern Highlands in which coffee is grown. Dominated by mountainous terrain, Namugo is home to many diverse microclimates. 

Coffee cherry is brought to the centralized mills of the region for sorting by quality and grade. Microlots are a rarity when it comes to the coffee exported from the mills of this region of Papua New Guinea. However, Piero Cristiani, the senior green buyer from Cafe Imports, one our favorite coffee importers, has been working closely with Namugo Mill owner Peno Kavori to isolate out smaller lots of exceptional quality. Kavori employs a fleet of vehicles to drive into the regions of Lufa and Okapa to source the highest quality coffees available for processing and export at his mill. The processing at the Namugo mill involves hand depulping, 24 hour fermentation, full washing, and raised bed drying for 7 days.

A full-bodied cup, this coffee presents sweet flavors of brown sugar and juicy lime acidity with an almost hoppy characteristic. We hope you'll enjoy this awesome offering from Peno Kavori and the Namugo region of Papua New Guinea.

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