Costa Rica Helsar Cascara Coffee Fruit Tea

Costa Rica Helsar Cascara Coffee Fruit Tea


Cascara - the dehydrated fruit skin leftover from the coffee cherry once processing has removed the seeds (coffee beans) that we all know and love so much. Not unlike it's inner seed, the fruit is capable of making a delicious warm beverage. In fact, the making of hot drinks with the fruit of the coffee cherry pre-dates roasting the inner seed for coffee brewing. Cascara is often brewed as a tea known as Qishr in Arabia and Africa. With fruity and sweet notes of plum and honey, those who enjoy floral, sweet, and juicy herbal teas will surely enjoy Cascara tea. 

Brew 10g of Cascara with 300-350g water just off the boil for 5-10min (to taste) in a French Press or similar straining device. Simple, caffeinated (though less than traditional coffee), and full of antioxidants. 

50 gram bag

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