Colombia Paraiso

Colombia Paraiso

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Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar, Citrus, Tropical  

Process: Honey

Origin Location: Nariño

Farm: Jose Ignacio Gomez

Elevation: 1900 meters

Variety: Caturra

Colombia’s three Andean ranges converge in the southwestern department, Nariño which shares its southern border with Ecuador, and is flanked to the west by the Pacific Ocean. Nariño’s proximity to Ecuador’s border and open water once made the region a hotbed of illicit trade routes, but in recent years the persistence of local coffee producers has allowed the coffee industry to gain traction. The Colombian we are introducing from this region was grown on the farm of Jose Ignacio Gomez, who grows his coffee plants across eight hectares (approximately 20 acres) in tandem with oranges, lemons and avocado. The ripe Caturra and Castillo cherries are handpicked by Gomez and his family, and go straight to processing via the onsite micro wet mill. The coffee undergoes the hybrid honey process (where honey is a euphemism for the unsavory mucilage or pulp) whereby the fruit is partially washed but allowed to ferment with some of its exterior to achieve a lush, full-bodied coffee.   


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