Colombia Fabier Artunduaga

Colombia Fabier Artunduaga

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Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Creamy, Sparkling

Process: Fully washed, dried in parabolic driers

Origin: Colombia

Region: San Antonio, Timaná, Huila

Farm: Buena Vista

Elevation: 1600m

Variety: Caturra

Grown by Don Fabier of Buena Vista farm and imported by Cafe Imports, we bring you a sparkling coffee that combines hints of raspberry and white grape with a creamy body. Not only capable of shining in its region, earning it a place in the Huila Best Cup awards, this coffee stands out as a beautiful example of sweet Colombian coffee.

As the son of two coffee farmers, Don Fabier grew up around coffee. At 18 years old his father gave him a plot of land on their farm. Ever since he has grown in his own coffee farming and production. 

With 7000 trees on 1.5 hectares of his 14 hectare farm, Don Fabier produces meticulously-grown and thoughtfully-processed coffee. The ripe cherry is picked every 21 days, depulped the same afternoon, fermented in water for 36 hours, and then washed three times. After this, the coffee is laid in parabolic driers for 5-10 days.

We hope you join us in enjoying this standout Colombian offering from Fabier Artunduaga.

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