Kenya Gondo AA

Kenya Gondo AA

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Tasting Notes: Lime, Sugar Cane, Tart

Process: Washed

Origin Location: Murang'a

Farm: Kiriti Farmers Cooperative Society

Elevation: 1900 meters

Variety: SL 28 & SL 34

Sitting at an approximate elevation of 1,900m in Kenya’s Murang’a county, Kiriti Farmers Cooperative is host to over 3,600 active members and includes three wet mill sites. At one site, Gondo Mills, the ripe fruit is hand picked and scrutinized for ideal ripeness, before undergoing the wet process that precedes fermentation. The most distinct aspect of the wet, or washed process is the removal of the outer pulp of the fruit before being let to ferment (a dry, or natural process involves letting the coffee ferment within the cherry and surrounding mucilage). By providing a cleaner palate in the final brewed stage, coffees characterized by a more acidic and bright flavor profile benefit from the washed process. At Gondo Mills, fresh water from the nearby Kananahu stream is sourced for washing the fruit. Once the remaining fruit is adequately fermented, the coffee is washed again and dried in the sun.

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